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What is MusicMissile?

Founded in 2020, a team of like-minded music professionals came together to build MusicMissile, the biggest all-in-one music database of its kind. Designed to bring artists and the music industry together, MusicMissile has made networking centralized, simple and effortless. Our members share our vision to support a more modern, educated, and connected industry. Whether you’re an unsigned artist, established performer, or signed band, we’re building a community for you to be part of. MusicMissile contains details of the top music companies around the globe, available for you to contact. We also provide webinars from the hottest musicians on the scene, giving you invaluable first-hand advice. Whether it’s an unsigned guide you’re after, music promotion pointers, or connections for major record labels, it’s all here. To gain immediate access to our extensive music industry contacts directory, all you need to do is sign up. It’s only the monthly cost of a coffee or two.

01. Networking

The leading and largest global database for networking, essential for your music or brand

02. Webinars Coming Soon

Live interactive videos with notable artists and industry leaders, offering their first hand advice

03. Guidance

Advice for those working within the music industry wanting to increase their presence

The Largest Worldwide Music Contact List

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Last Updated: Monday, 15 July 2024

We're More Than Just an Unsigned Guide

MusicMissile is the leading global platform for networking within the music industry. Our mission is to assist you in developing an effective progression route for your music goals. To put it simply, we provide coveted contacts, unique opportunities, and valuable guidance to help our members.

Here at MusicMissile, we invite and welcome unsigned bands and artists alongside established acts to become a member with us. Why become a member? Well, no matter which level you’re at in your music career, we can provide you with priceless support, advice, and contacts to develop your musical project. By becoming a member of MusicMissile, you gain access to an industry-based music database of over 17,000 profiles. Reach out to some of the top music companies and network to your heart's content. We’ve got you covered with the following:

That’s not all we have to give. To complement our extensive music database of industry professionals, members of MusicMissile also gain access to exclusive content. Join our online, interactive webinars from leading musicians and music sector top dogs. These opportunities offer our valued members guidance on best practices for their music projects. So, whether you’re booking a tour, anticipating a self-release, or looking for music promotion, you can find all the help you’ll need on MusicMissile.

The Largest Global Music Directory

Our music directory consists of over 17,000 music industry profiles, just waiting for your submissions and proposals! With our streamlined and easy to use MusicMissile platform, all listings are readily available for networking and creating professional relationships. Whether it’s for your project or business, you’ll find it’s never been easier to organize, research, and connect with music contacts. The profiles you need are found through our clear filter integration: 

  • Country
  • Niche
  • Genre

To make it that bit easier for our members, we’ve also thought carefully about responses. Inquiries and replies will come straight to your personal inbox, so you won’t need to be constantly checking in with us.

News and Updates, Keeping You in the Loop

With news and information readily available at our fingertips, it’s difficult to follow and keep up with the ever-changing music industry. From technology to pandemics, arts funding to music business tycoons, MusicMissile aims to keep you in the know. We’ll have the most up to date information available on the important stuff like policy changes, best practice, and lots more.

Keeping up with the news of the music world is vital for any aspiring band or artist. Changes could have a detrimental effect on you and your project, but up-to-date knowledge keeps you relevant and ahead of the game. This gives you an advantage to edge and break through the noise to truly be heard. So, if you haven’t already, sign up today and launch your music mission!

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“MusicMissile has been an incredible tool for progressing and developing my band”

Jared Tomkins, Bassist
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