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Beastie Boys Approve Song Use for Biden Campaign

The Beastie Boys have approved the use of their song "Sabotage" for a campaign ad for President Joe Biden. The ad, which is set to air during the upcoming midterm elections, features images of Biden a

Spotify Launches New Paid-for 'Showcase' Tool

Spotify has launched a new tool called Showcase that allows artists to create a mobile card that will appear as a sponsored recommendation on listeners' mobile Home Screen. The card will feature a cov

MusicMissile launches new opportunities for artists

MusicMissile is the largest networking platform for the music industry, boasting over 17,000 contacts, professional guidance, and more!

UK ministers reject visa free touring

In the wake of Brexit, bands and artists in the UK are described as 'mere collateral in obsession for ending freedom of movement’, minister told

Miley Cyrus teams up with Elton John

With last year's announcement of Miley Cyrus working on a new album dedicated to Metallica covers, she's teamed up with Elton John for a track.


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