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What do you already know about record labels?

Consider what you already know about record labels. Any of the following ring a bell?

  • Labels your favourite musicians are signed to
  • The record label you want to sign to
  • Record labels you already know of

Most bands and artists will tell you it’s a necessity to get a reputable record label on board. This is especially true if you’re a musician who wants to take themselves seriously.

You’ll also probably be able to list the biggest and most well-known record labels. But did you know there are literally thousands of record labels out there?

You don’t need to specifically look for one in your country, either. Many bands and artists sign with record labels in different countries across the world.

MusicMissile offers opportunities to network with thousands of global record labels in our database. Read on to discover why you should browse through our record labels catalogue and how it can benefit you.

Contact record labels looking for artists to sign

Firstly, it’s important to determine why you might want to sign to a record label and know what it is they do.

Record labels often offer an advance of finances for production and other band related activities. For example:

  • Marketing your music
  • Music videos
  • Developing your ‘brand’

A record label will usually be ready to inject a lot of money into your project (depending on their size). However, you may be surprised to learn that record label companies actually engage in so much more than just marketing musicians.

In fact, record labels operate across a range of functionality and sectors across the music industry:

  • A&R (Artist Recruitment)
  • Music Publishing
  • Copyright Enforcement

The above are just a few examples of departments you might find a record label working on behind the scenes.

What you should know about our list of record labels

It isn’t all always sunshine and roses for all record labels. Especially when you consider today’s day and age which is brimming with publicized lawsuits. Not to mention record labels having to face up against a continuous rise in modern technology. These factors – plus many more - all currently affect the way record labels are seen and run.

Like many sectors, due to the growing ease and accessibility of digital distribution, the use of the internet has resulted in a decline of the dependency and need for a record label.

Of course, it all depends heavily on what you want from a record label. If you want to market everything in-house, have the funds and resources available to meet your goals, you may indeed be questioning whether you even need one.

Do I need to submit music to record labels?

While many unsigned bands and artists now opt to remain independent, note that the vast majority of successes within the music industry immensely benefit from record labels.

This is owed to:

  • Insider specialist knowledge
  • Access to higher contacts
  • Financing and better marketing

If you are lucky enough to land the record label of your dreams, or any record label for that matter, still proceed with caution. You should go through record label contracts with a nit comb. It is always worth seeking legal advice or having a lawyer go over a proposed contract.

If you’re still unsure about what a record label company might do for you, or even if you’re 100% sure that you want to sign to one, it’s worth having a look through our record label listings.

Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, MusicMissile can introduce you to a record label that is just waiting for you to get in touch. So, the rest is up to you.

What are you waiting for? Launch your music mission!

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Record Label FAQ

⭐ How do I get signed by a record label?

These suggestions will give you a strong chance in being signed by a record label: create an effective EPK (electronic press pack); ensure you’re represented online professionally; tighten up your live shows; develop a buzz and strong following; ensure your music is mixed and mastered to a high standard; network and submit your demos to labels specific to your genre.

⭐ What is an independent record label?

Independent record labels have a moderate distribution network, but in most cases, offer a low financial advance. With a flair for finding new and trending talent, their key focus is on up-and-coming bands and artists. Independent record labels offer a starting point for smaller bands and artists, who could become international heavyweights in the future.

⭐ What is a major record label?

Major record labels typically sign established bands and artists; they have their own distribution networks and considerable funding. The agreements between an artist and a major label are often complex, including licensing, distribution and publishing agreements.

⭐ What does a record label do?

Record labels fund and coordinate production, marketing, distribution and enforce copyright for their clients’ music. They scout upcoming talent and are detrimental in the success and development of many music projects.

⭐ How do I contact a record label?

Our advice is to always make your first contact a request for their submission policy, which you can then follow up in a professional manner. Ensure the time is right to approach them; do you have a good following and tour history, well mixed songs and a good EPK (electronic press pack)? There is a lot of competition in the music industry, so you need to make sure you represent yourself properly!

⭐ What is a 360 record deal?

A 360 record deal is a contract which states that the sale of records, streams, downloads, live performances, merchandise, endorsements and publishing are all partly claimed by the record label.

⭐ What is a traditional record deal?

A traditional record deal is a contract that details the agreement of royalty entitlement for music between a band or artist, and their record label.

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