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Have you hit a wall with your music career development? You need a Music Manager!

Have you considered adding a music manager to your team? Perhaps you already have a member of your band acting as one and feel the need for a music manager isn’t currently required. Now, ask yourself this: do you think you have the contacts and means necessary to progress your music act to exactly where you want it? Probably not. This is where a music manager comes in, and don’t you worry, because MusicMissile has you covered and can easily help you find one.

Let’s begin by talking about what a music manager does. A music manager assembles people and coordinates projects that are necessary to meet the goals of a band or artist. While that sounds like a simple job description, the reality is a music manager’s job is often immensely time-consuming and consists of never-ending tasks. Requirements for the role of a music manager are strict: you’ll need an extremely thorough understanding of the music industry, exceptional organizational skills, a bank of useful contacts, and a talent for building relationships through meticulous charm and communication. A music manager will often have more than one band or artist under their roster, so you need to think carefully about who you choose to contact and work with. Will your music manager make time for you? Do they share your vision? What has your music manager said they can and will do for you? Can you afford a music manager? Perhaps you need to find a music manager who will work on a commission basis over a retainer? A music manager’s main goal is to essentially ensure their client is happy, legally protected, and always developing.

A music manager also has to ensure projects run smoothly, meeting all objectives and often within tight time constraints. Music managers may get involved when organizing tours and shows, or contribute towards a plan for shooting a music video. A music manager is expected to resolve logistical problems for a band or artist, and offer a multitude of possible options and solutions. Should a music manager have a client who reaches a milestone in their music career — for example, signing to a record label — they will work with the label, to determine the best direction for their band or artist to take. This is just a small insight into the many important roles a music manager must do.

The more experienced your music manager, the better they will be at handling the unexpected, however, this doesn’t mean you should automatically dismiss the idea of working with a relatively new music manager. As the role is so varied, they also deal with the ‘business’ side of things, such as liaising with various people in the music sector, from record labels, publicity agents, and event promoters, to booking agents and everyone else in between. This is why contacts and communication are key for a good music manager.

Ultimately, you will be able to decide how you feel about working with someone, by contacting them and speaking to them yourself. You want someone who is passionate about your sound and vision and shares the same aims, objectives, and values as you. Luckily for you, MusicMissile has over a thousand potential music managers, just waiting to be found and introduced to you.

If your musical project has reached a level where you’ve hit a wall independently, and you feel it’s the right time to bring a music manager on board, now is the time to let MusicMissile help. Boasting thousands of music managers ready to be contacted, sign up today, and launch the next chapter of your music mission!

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Music Manager FAQ

⭐ How do I get signed by a Music Manager?

Initial contact is a highly significant factor: your message should not be intrusive. We always recommend asking for the submission policy first, if this is not already clear. Ensure your music project is of a level in which you can entice the manager to work with you.

⭐ How much do Music Managers charge?

In most cases, an artist manager will commission between 10% - 25% of a band or artist’s net income. However, retainer models are occasionally offered to smaller acts that produce little financial return, to begin with.

⭐ What is an Music Manager?

An artist manager is highly skilled with a trained ear for talent, and usually has the knowledge and contacts to push a band or artist to the next level in their career.

⭐ What does an Music Manager do?

The key role of an artist manager is to handle the organizational requirements on behalf of a band or artist; ensuring release plans run smoothly and effectively, and all business-related activities centered on the band are covered, such as contract negotiations, royalties, publishing, and more.

⭐ Do I need an Music Manager?

While a credible artist manager will certainly help develop a band or artist, we’d argue that this is not a requirement for a new band just starting. Artist managers are considered beneficial when musical acts have developed a small following, and have space and potential to develop further.

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