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Music promoters have the skills and knowledge required to sell a live show to potential audiences. You might be thinking, well I’m pretty good at that, but can you do it on a professional level? Do you have the contacts needed to make an amazing night happen? If you’re looking to put on live performances and find out what a music promoter can do for you, it’s best to get in touch with one. Luckily for you, MusicMissile has an incredibly large bank of promoters listed, so take the opportunity to sign up and contact one today.

When you think of the job of a music promoter, you will most likely associate it with late nights, loud music, and a hell of a good time. While promoters may be in the midst of all this, there’s a lot harder work that goes on behind the scenes. After all, it takes a lot of juggling and organization to put on a good night with a big crowd, create an incredible, infective atmosphere, and ensure phenomenal live performances are at the heart of it all. Music promoters play key functions within live music and are immensely important for the music industry.

As always, networking lies at the heart of the music industry but where does a promoter fall into all this? Networking with a promoter initially begins when a band or artist starts to search for and secure shows. You may already know a few local promoters, but it’s best to network across regions, too. You don’t want to be a band or an artist that only plays in their hometown, and the good news is, once you’ve built a rapport with one promoter, you’ll often be introduced to a bunch of other promoters. That isn’t to be taken for granted - the networking should never stop. If you know you have fans in a certain city, and you haven’t played there before, use MusicMissile to see if you can contact a promoter in that city.

Music promoters typically work alongside booking agents and the bands and artists involved, directly communicating and connecting with venues to organize and promote events. Responsible for the running of a show, music promoters must ensure bands and artists are content, and may also be held primarily accountable for ticket sales.

Depending on the success of a music promoter, the role inevitably becomes more demanding and challenging. As bands and artists grow in popularity, larger capacity venues are required, consequently creating bigger workloads and potential problems on the horizon. A music promoter needs to be prepared to face any possible issues head-on, and will usually have back up options, plus several varied solutions up their sleeves.

The complex ability of effectively promoting huge shows and managing greater crowds, demands an exceedingly motivated individual, with a can-do attitude and hard-working ethos. That’s why MusicMissile recommends contacting a promoter today. You can sign up and have a look at the music promoters listed in our directory, just itching to help you with shows.

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Music Promoter FAQ

⭐ How much do music promoters pay?

This varies based on the promoter and the band or artist. In most cases, the demand and hype for you as a musical act will reflect the payment offered for the show.

⭐ What do music promoters want?

Music promoters are the foundations of live music, striving to provide a fun entertainment experience through organizing shows, and if possible, make a profit.

⭐ How do I find music promoters?

Music promoters vary based on their size and success, requiring different approaches depending on this. Independent and local promoters will often consider smaller acts and tour packages, whereas international promoters usually work with acts with larger fan bases. Finding these contacts requires research and networking.

⭐ How do I secure a show with a music promoter?

Many independent, local promoters are keen to give new bands and artists a chance. To rocket into the ranks of sold-out shows; you need a good pitch and evidence that you can contribute, by bringing fans to your shows. This offers an incentive to bigger music promoters and increases your popularity.

⭐ What is a music promoter?

A music promoter hosts, promotes, and organizes shows.

⭐ What does a music promoter do?

A music promoter liaises with bands and artists, booking agents, and artist managers, to secure deals in booking acts and hosting shows.

⭐ How do I contact a music promoter?

Most promoters are open to submissions and may have a designated email address for this. Reach out with a pitch demonstrating your value to their market territory — even if they don’t have a show to offer immediately — this could place you on their radar for future events.

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