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Think back to the last time you attended a music festival. If you’ve never been to one or you’re struggling to recall your festival memories, allow MusicMissile to step in, take you on a journey and help you picture the scene…

You feel damp grass beneath you, as you shift from your laid down position to grab and down a liter’s worth of warm water. Your skin is sticky and steaming even with the thin, flimsy tent material acting as a barrier between you and the sunlight. There’s a strange pong wafting in the air. It could be coming from you, or it could be the hot dog stand that’s a couple of hundred feet away.

You wince. The defense between your skin and the sun is almost as pointless as the cold tinned beans you lined your stomach with last night, just moments before you drank your body weight in beer. You pull out your phone and scrutinize the timetable for potential clashes of the bands and artists you really want to see, and other acts who you will later discover.

Now imagine seeing your act or band’s name on that timetable. The number of potential fans who could be exposed to your name/s and your music. That’s the power of a music festival. The level of exposure you could potentially gain from a single festival is unlike anything you might get from several live shows. Music festivals are popular all around the world and have been for decades. Known for providing people with an exclusive opportunity to see several of their favorite bands and artists at once, fans can socialize amongst other music lovers and friends to create unforgettable memories. Music festivals are also a great chance for any band or artist to perform in front of a considerable crowd, so imagine the scenes of community and joy you could bring to potential hordes of people.

As more people experience the inimitable magic music festivals can bring, their popularity continues to increase. Music festivals can also be a hotspot for building connections, glittering with potential networking opportunities with other bands, artists, and music industry professionals. This is where MusicMissile can help! Want to be part of that festival magic? We have thousands of profiles available for you to browse and contact. Sign up today and get in touch with festival organizers through our easy to use platform.

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Music Festival FAQ

⭐ How do I secure a festival slot?

When networking, it’s important you follow the advised procedure and contact the right people. Be in a strong position where you’re able to offer an incentive: for example, bringing a crowd to a festival because of your past achievements and live show history, demonstrates your value and hard work.

⭐ What is a music festival?

A music festival is an organized event with live performances from musical acts and other entertainment genres. Music festivals are centered on a theme or music genre, and often last several days; a great way to get yourself in front of a large crowd.

⭐ What is the purpose of a music festival?

The purpose of a music festival is to celebrate music, meet new people and have a good time; which is why they are considered the most popular live events in the world.

⭐ How much do music festivals pay a band or artist?

This varies from festival to festival and artist to artist; a large factor in this is the demand for you as a music act.

⭐ How do I contact a music festival?

Music festivals have a designated organizer, or a handful of promoters, based on the size of the festival. Identify the appropriate person, and ask them about the festival submission process; follow this accordingly and demonstrate your value as an artist.

⭐ What are the benefits of playing music festivals?

Music festivals are considered to be some of the biggest mass gatherings in the entertainment industry. Having a platform of this magnitude gives you the chance to gain lots of new and potential fans.

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