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Should you be playing bigger shows? We can help you find a booking agent!

How much time have you spent in the past, messaging promoters and hoping to secure a slot for a show? It can be a full-time job; all the messaging, several contacts, back and forth, the bartering, the details… Think about what you could have accomplished with your music in that time. Now, let that thought fester and lead you to this question - do you have a booking agent on board yet? If not, it’s time to get your networking boots on, as a booking agent will bring several shots of opportunity to get your foot in the door, within the live music scene. MusicMissile has hundreds of booking agents listed in our directory, so take your time and flick through our extensive list.

You’re going to want the right person booking shows and working with you, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a booking agent before you contact them. You’re looking for someone professional to work with, who can potentially lead the way to bigger and better opportunities and has faith in your music and live performance.

You should also consider whether it is the right time to get in touch with potential booking agents. Have you reached a level where you feel confident that your live show is at its utmost brilliance? Can you prove this to a booking agent who is thinking about taking you on? Your level of performance and ability to wow a crowd is what a booking agent will be taking into consideration.

In most cases, playing live shows is imperative for a band or artist to be taken seriously as music professionals. After all, playing live shows is arguably the most palpable way to create a stir within the music scene. It is also an excellent route to gaining new fans and building a prominent reputation. Needless to say, you are probably well aware that playing frequent shows across different territories, could make you stand out against a sea of other emerging bands and artists.

This is where a booking agent steps in. Alongside securing shows, a booking agent also operates in line with promoters, ensuring everything required by a band or artist is set up and ready for live performances. Booking agents will often need to collect any details and necessary information, ensuring it is provided to a band or artist in advance. For example, you’ll need details about hospitality, load-in times, soundcheck, and most importantly, payment for performances. In addition to this, a good booking agent may often have other useful contacts in the music industry, providing you with more opportunities that may have been otherwise unattainable.

Booking agents are proven to be an invaluable push in the progression and musical mission of any band or artist, and you need one in your team. So, if you’re a musician who is willing to go beyond messaging promoters yourself, look to get a professional on board. Sign up with MusicMissile and get in touch with a booking agent today.

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Music Booking Agents FAQ

⭐ How much do booking agents charge?

Booking agents usually charge a commission between 10% - 15%, anything higher is considered rare.

⭐ How do I secure a booking agent?

Booking agents sign bands and artists based on several factors; their progression, team, tour history, and their value to promoters. Once you’ve reached a stage in your musical career where you feel a booking agent is required, pitch your project demonstrating your value on the live music circuit.

⭐ What is a booking agent?

Booking agents are responsible for organizing live performance appearances for their bands and artists, alongside scouting for new talent to represent.

⭐ How do I contact a booking agent?

Booking agents are always looking for the next big thing! Locate their contact details and inquire about their submission process. If confirmed, proceed professionally, evidencing why you require a booking agent at this stage of your career, and how you could be a strong addition to their roster.

⭐ Do I need a booking agent?

Booking agents aren’t usually an immediate requirement, and you may struggle to attain one without having grown a little independently. Assess where you are in your career, and whether you can showcase the value needed to secure a booking agent.

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