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When you think of your presence in the media, what springs to mind? Could you be doing more to get yourself featured in publications and get your music out there? If your answer is yes, then let MusicMissile help with our bank of media contacts within the music industry. If your answer is no, read on to find out exactly how media contacts can benefit and support you on your music mission.

Think of music media platforms as communication outlets, often separated by genre to appease a certain audience of music lovers. For example, Rock Sound is a publication that tends to cater to rock and metal fans. These music media platforms are authorities when it comes to news and opinions surrounding the music world, and often influence how the public should interpret a piece of new music.

It is in a media outlet’s main interest to offer refreshing breakthrough content to the public. For this reason, gaining airtime or achieving exposure in magazines is difficult, as these opportunities are often based on what your music project looks and sounds like, and what it might stand for. As a rule, the media generally covers news, entertainment, education, and yet, is still perceived as a promotional platform. The most traditional areas that feature in music media include - but are not limited to - magazines, television, blogs, radio, and podcasts. By conducting independent research on your music media outlet of interest, you could approach them with a direct inquiry. However, as the outlets get bigger, you may want to consider working with a music PR agency, as your message could get lost in a sea of similar messages.

Unfortunately, if you’re part of a newly formed band or an artist fresh on the scene, you may find you have to work even harder to prove yourself worthy of recognition. Cue MusicMissile. Before you start to take those first steps up the ladder of progression, consider using music media outlets to give you that much-needed push. MusicMissile has a wealth of music media contacts available for you to browse and potentially work with, but how exactly can they help you?

One way in which music media platforms can help is to offer promotion and exposure in the form of reviews. Most music based publications have specific sections for this, and if you’re able to get a large media outlet on board (within your particular genre), gaining a positive review is something worth shouting about. It is also a bragging right and could even create further engagement for you from other media. For MusicMissile, media inclusion is crucial for your music mission. Consider this: if a large music media publication champions a breakthrough artist, this could result in full-page spreads distributed in large shopping outlets, radio time on mainstream stations, television coverage, and more. Think about how much this could develop the profile behind a band, artist, or brand.

Not convinced yet? Sign up today and see for yourself our extensive catalog of global music media contacts, readily available for you to connect with. So, what are you waiting for? Launch your music mission now!

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Music Media FAQ

⭐ How do I promote my music?

There are several routes to take when promoting your music. Media covers some of the traditional models, such as radio, magazine, and television. Reaching out to these outlets when you have a new release could land you some airtime.

⭐ How do I get radio play?

Radio stations will often have a ‘submission’ email to contact. When pitching your music, state your recent musical achievements and why you believe you’d be a good fit for their radio show.

⭐ How do I get a magazine feature?

This is traditionally secured through a PR agency that has a relationship with the magazine; however, you can still contact the relevant magazine’s editor yourself and pitch your case when releasing new music.

⭐ How do I feature on a music television channel?

Fastrax is one of the leading digital distributors of music videos to the television industry. There is no guarantee, but launching your music through this platform could get you some airtime on music channels across the world.

⭐ What is music media?

Music media is about content and how the content is presented. It could involve news stories, radio, television, movies, gaming, corporate videos, and everything in between.

⭐ How do I contact media outlets?

Media outlets will require different approaches based on their contact avenues: do your research well on how to contact them, and ensure you are a good fit before putting yourself forward.

⭐ Do I need to work with the media?

We at Music Missile believe it’s an absolute necessity. Media is a part of everyday life and cements our society. Without the partnership of media and your music, the chances of gaining new fans are limited.

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