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Need help to get your music to the masses? We know the music marketing companies that can do it!

You’re probably wondering where marketing and PR companies come into MusicMissile, or how and why they could affect you. Believe us when we say, leave it to the professionals themselves to tell you. MusicMissile has hundreds of worldwide contacts within marketing and PR, ready for you to get in touch, and all listed on our easy to use platform. Take your time to tour through and see which company’s profiles appeal to you. Conduct your research and see what they can do for you and your music - or, take the easy route, and simply send them a message through MusicMissile to find out.

Let’s cut to the chase. Whether you’re a signed or unsigned artist, it is necessary to build a relationship with contacts in the marketing and public relations sectors. Why? You’ll find these crucial networks will support and benefit you the most when you have a new song or video release, upcoming tours, important news, and/or other music related activities. After all, the marketing and PR industry employs strategies to advance your exposure and success. This is often done through the channels of various media outlets.

That’s not all they do. Marketing and PR professionals also create and maintain crucial contacts and relationships on your behalf. They liaise between labels, musicians, and media companies, intending to achieve goals relevant to publicity, such as magazine features, radio play, and television exposure. On top of this, you’ll find they further engage in other events, such as the promotion of upcoming shows, stories, and reviews of their clients.

You may have already discovered that digital marketing is emerging as an essential requirement within the music industry. After all, how did you discover the last band or musician that you came across? How many of your new favorite acts did you find splattered across social media pages, or through recommended and related content? Wasn’t that last one discovered through a suggested comment on Twitter?

The rise of digital marketing is perhaps attributable to the birth of social media, and an ever-increasing demand for digital platforms. You’ll have used plenty of these platforms yourself as a customer: Youtube, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and Deezer. Now, you need to think about how to get your music found on these platforms; marketing and PR agencies are the professionals you seek to assist in this.

It could also be argued that targeted marketing is now crucial to growing an audience interested in a particular genre. Marketing and PR strategies can typically include Google Adwords, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Podcasts, Interviews, Radio play, and more. Unless you’re clued-up in these areas, and you have a lot of time to invest, we’d advise you to contact a professional marketing or PR agency, related to music.

It’s hard to escape and not an easy pill to swallow, but in this digital age, you should start thinking about whether you can get involved with marketing and PR agencies sooner rather than later, especially if you want to take yourself seriously as a musician. Luckily for you, MusicMissile has a bank of marketing and PR contacts ready for you to browse through and network with. Sign up today and launch your music mission!

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Music Marking FAQ

⭐ What is music marketing?

Music marketing often requires a strategic plan, involving branding, message, and timing, all funneled through a variety of physical and digital outlets and platforms.

⭐ How do I make a music marketing plan?

We suggest you identify what makes you unique: what are your missions, purpose, and message as a band or artist? You also need to think about the best time to release music, as well as setting budgets, and ensuring you have a steady stream of content to promote your material over 3 months or longer.

⭐ How do I work with a PR/Marketing company?

Working with a PR/marketing company can be beneficial, but before you make contact and commit, ensure you’re ready with your musical act’s image, message, and expectations. Any credible company will provide you with a monthly report with details on pitches and how they are working for you.

⭐ What is a Marketing PR Company?

A music marketing company is primarily focused on digital and social media outreach, often focusing on the cost-per-click model to drive traffic to your music and content.

⭐ How do I contact a music PR company?

While many music labels have their internal PR and marketing team, there are designated companies available to independent bands, artists, and smaller labels. Pitch your project and agree on a cost for their service: if they like your music and feel they can represent you well, they will work with you.

⭐ Do I need a PR company?

The model for PR is evolving every day, becoming ever more digital, but still vital for any bands or artist’s new releases. PR is used to portray the message and brand of your music, which is beneficial for expanding your fan base!

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